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Safety of using Gyphosate

With regard to glyphosate-based herbicides such as Roundup Custom (the product in use), the scientific literature indicates that the rate of use on Arundo removal projects poses little risk to the environment or the community. Arundo removal uses a highly diluted mixture that is directly applied on the target plant while allowing the nearby native plants to be unaffected. This is significantly different than the broadcast spraying of highly concentrated material over large areas as may be done on conventional farms growing round-up-ready crops. Research specific to the aquatic and terrestrial wildlife found in our local streams indicate very low toxicity.

Concurrently, however, there is research that does point to some potential safety and health risks if non-targets are exposed. Therefore, it would be overly simplistic to conclude that it is entirely safe. Based on the research, the OVLC recognizes that there are potential risks associated with glyphosate use, and with this in mind, we work with our contractors to practice careful and safe application of these materials to prevent environmental exposures and mitigate these risks.

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