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Thank you for your patience and understanding as we recover from the damage from the Thomas Fire on our trails. In the coming months trails will likely open and close depending on rain and changing trail conditions. Click here for current information and trail notifications »

Grow Mugwort

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) can be found almost anywhere around the valley. It usually grows near poison oak, so be careful if you decide to harvest seeds from a wild plant.

It is best to stratify mugwort seeds before planting. This involves chilling the seeds in a medium (like a plastic bag or sealed container) that can retain moisture. Mix the amount of seeds you will be planting with an equal amount of sand or peat moss that you’ve lightly misted. This medium should chill in the refrigerator for about two weeks. It’s recommended to check it every few days to make sure the mix still feels moist. Mugwort prefers excellent drainage and full sun.

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