To Our Ojai Community:

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we recover from the damage from the Thomas Fire on our trails. In the coming months trails will likely open and close depending on rain and changing trail conditions. Click here for current information and trail notifications »

Homegrown Trails on the Valley View Preserve

Hand Built by Volunteers

The Valley View Preserve is popular with Ojai locals because of its natural beauty and close proximity to town. There are three trails to explore: Fox Canyon, Luci’s and Foothill. We’ve provided trail descriptions, which we hope helps when visiting the preserve.

Fox Canyon Trail

1) Follow signs from Signal St. to park at the Pratt Trailhead (Left turn just before the end of Signal St.).  Walk back to Signal St. and travel up to where the road dead ends and Shelf Road begins. Walk around the closed gate up to the Valley View Preserve and Fox Canyon Trailhead. There’s a kiosk with a map and information on everything you need to know about the preserve. The 1.75-mile trail took six months to build, an impressive feat, considering how rugged the terrain is.

2) The trail switchbacks up steep hills between large rocks and laurel sumac. As you head further up the trail you’ll see Luci’s Trail to the east, national forest land to the north and west, and the city of Ojai to the south.

3)  Hiking from one switchback to the next, the trail curves to the right, climbs up rock steps, finally reaching the top. A trail marker announces Foothill Trail, which splits in two directions: turn right and hike east to Luci’s Trail, or go straight on Foothill down to Pratt Trail.

4) For those seeking a less steep route to the top of the Valley View Preserve, we recommend taking the Pratt Trail from the parking area. It connects to the trails on the preserve where you can descend on the Fox Canyon or Luci’s trails.

Luci’s Trail

1) Shorter in length at 0.75 miles, but steeper than Fox Canyon Trail, Luci’s is a five minute walk east of the Fox Canyon Trailhead. There is a rail fence next to Luci’s and a mini kiosk with a map outlining the trail.

2) Follow the singletrack up, turn left, and walk west where the trail takes a sharp right. This is where a number of never-ending switchbacks begin. The higher the trail climbs the more there is to see below, so it’s worth it to keep slogging along.

3) After the last switchback the trail hits a high point then drops down into a canyon. The trail passes by cut-back poison oak, quickly turns left, climbs a bit then takes a sharp right up to a meadow with a wide-open view of the Topa Topa Bluffs. The trail continues until it hits a series of rock steps that were built by OVLC volunteers. After the steps end the trail seesaws its way to the top. At that point turn left on Foothill Trail and head over to Fox Canyon Trail, or hoof it to Fuelbreak Road where you can check out more trails in the Los Padres National Forest.