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By on June 2, 2023 in Featured, News

Ojai Valley Land Conservancy (OVLC) announces the purchase of 9.55 acres of land in San Antonio Creek. The acquisition signifies a milestone in the ongoing efforts to protect and restore the Ventura River watershed and the natural landscapes of the Ojai Valley forever.

Located between the Confluence Preserve and San Antonio Creek Preserve, OVLC views this as a new piece of the San Antonio Creek Preserve. This strategic purchase not only solidifies current conservation efforts, but also sets the stage for potential future acquisitions along the creek. Restoration and protection of the Ojai Valley’s creeks and rivers are important nature-based steps to enhance the valley’s resilience to the changing climate.

While the recent acquisition of the 9.55-acre San Antonio Creek Preserve is a new development, OVLC has been actively restoring this property since 2015. Our focus has been on eradicating invasive giant reed (Arundo donax) and re-establishing native plant communities. Over the course of nearly a decade, OVLC has made substantial progress in removing giant reed from San Antonio Creek.

However, it is important to acknowledge that restoring riparian habitat is not without challenges. Weather events, such as the storms and flooding experienced this winter, can impact the restoration benefits. Despite these obstacles, OVLC remains dedicated to enhancing the ecological health of San Antonio Creek and the entire watershed.

The Ojai Valley is unusual in that it relies solely on local water resources within the watershed and does not receive water from the state. As the Ventura River’s principal tributary, San Antonio Creek serves as a vital asset, providing sustenance to our communities, agriculture, and wildlife. In times of climate uncertainty, protecting local water resources by preserving land and revitalizing riparian habitats is a smart investment in our collective future. OVLC is grateful for the private donors whose generous contributions made this acquisition possible. OVLC’s acquisition of 9.55 acres, continuing restoration efforts, and the potential for future acquisitions in the watershed reflect its commitment to protecting and restoring the natural landscapes of the Ojai Valley forever.

Timelapse by Rich Reid showing the progression of giant reed (Arundo donax) removal over the years with the orange glow of the Thomas Fire passing through roughly halfway into the video.

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  1. S. Termondt says:

    Excellent progress!
    Thanks to all the volunteers in this important conservation effort.

  2. Michael Stevens says:

    Congratulations on the latest acquisition.