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Hand removal of invasive Arundo does not scale

Hand cutting to exhaust the energy of the plant takes a long time and the labor force simply does not exist at the scale necessary for our area. Further complicating hand removal is the fact that much of the Arundo is growing in very rocky substrate. There is no scholarly literature showing that hand cutting can be successful at a large scale.

We moved into our Creek Rd. home nine years ago. We were very excited to find a property that backed up to San Antonio Creek. Unfortunately, the creek and surrounding banks had been overrun with Arundo donax, an invasive and aggressive bamboo. For years we attempted to cut, remove and dig out root balls in order to access the creek but this was a losing battle as the Arundo grows up to three inches a day and chokes out all other native plants. As a result of the OVLC project we can now see the creek flowing and watch as the sycamore, willows and other native plants and trees can finally breathe. The birds, frogs and other animal life are thriving.

-Steve and Debi Carr

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