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Fall Native Plant Sale 2022

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When: December 3, 9 am – 12 pm 
Where: Ojai Meadows Preserve Native Plant Nursery

Inspired by Native Plant Month? Come to our Fall Native Plant Sale and buy plants for your yard! 

We will be selling some of our favorite drought-tolerant plants and a variety of wildflower seeds for you to grow at home in your garden. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring the beauty of the preserves to your yard. Planting native plants in your garden at home will help increase biodiversity, support native pollinators, and strengthen our community’s resilience to the negative impacts of climate change.

We look forwarding to seeing you at the sale!

Identify Your Plants

Need help identifying the native plants you purchased at the Fall Native Plant Sale?
View the pdf below to identify your natives.

Email Native Plant Specialist, Sophie McLean at for additional questions

OVLC Fall Native Plant Sale – Plant List »

Native Plant Species For Sale

One Gallon (Potted): $15
Lanceleaf dudleya
(2″potted): $5
California Poppy (2″ potted): $5

Common Name

Blazing star
Blue-eyed grass
Bush sunflower
California buckwheat
California fuchsia
California grape
California sagebrush
California Wildrose
Chaparral honeysuckle
Chaparral mallow
Common yarrow
Hummingbird sage
Lanceleaf dudleya
Nevin’s barberry
Purple sage
Sacred datura

Scientific Name

Mentzelia laevicaulis
Sisyrinchium bellum
Encelia californica
Eriogonum fasciculatum
Epilobium canum
Vitis californica
Artemisia californica
Rosa californica
Lonicera subspicata
Malacothamnus fasciculatum
Frangula californica
Achillea millifolium
Sambucus nigra
Salvia spathacea
Dudleya lanceolata
Berberis nevinii
Salvia leucophylla
Datura wrightii
Heteromeles arbutofolia

Seed Species for Sale

Seed Jars: $20
Seed Packets: $5

Common Name

Arroyo Lupine
Baby Blue Eyes
California Poppy
Chinese Houses
Elegant Clarkia
Globe gilia
Tidy Tips

Scientific Name

Lupinus succulentus
Nemophila menziesii
Eschsholzia californica
Collinsia heterophylla
Clarkia unguiculata
Gilia capitata
Lasthenia californica
Layia platyglossa

Directions to our Ojai Meadows Preserve Native Plant Nursery

Our nursery doesn’t have a physical address. Please use the following map to guide yourself to the general area of the nursery, which is located adjacent to the Lomita Entrance of the Ojai Meadows Preserve about 100 yards down Besant Road on the left side of the road where the road turns ninety degrees to the right. There’s a gravel pullout on the left where nursery visitors and preserve users can park.

Nursery Coordinates: 34.44329, -119.2763

Click on “More options” below to open google maps »

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